DITCHING TACTICS - Deeps had foreseen her future with Ranbir

Rumours have been rife about long-time lovers and getting married this year. There are even unconfirmed reports that the two will exchange wedding vows in Switzerland, in either October or November.

However, a daily has claimed that the two will not be saying ‘I do’ anytime soon. According to the publication, while Ranveer is eager to make his relationship with Deepika official, the latter is commitment-phobic.

Her fear of commitment, claims the daily, has a lot to do with her break-up with Ranbir. Quoting a close friend of Dippy-Ranveer, the paper claimed that the Padmaavat actress had foreseen a future with Ranbir. She wanted marriage and babies and was even willing to sacrifice her promising career for the sake of love. However, that wasn’t meant to be. The two broke up and while Ranbir managed to move on, Deepika was left nursing a broken heart for a long time. 

The publication claims that though Ranveer is totally committed, Deepika is apprehensive of being unlucky in love again. Well, here’s hoping that time erases her fears.