Twitter not happy with Priyanka

Quantico will always be remembered as path-breaking for Indians, as Priyanka Chopra became the first South Asian actress to spearhead the American TV drama series three years ago.

However, Twiteratti from the country don’t feel the same anymore due to the latest episode of the ABC’s show.

The episode which reportedly aired on June 1 shows an MIT professor planning to target an India-Pakistan summit in Manhattan with a nuclear bomb. This was followed by ‘Indian’, Hindu to be precise, terrorists with ‘Rudraksha’ setting out for the attack with a plan to pin the blame on Pakistan.

The plot had not gone down well with some of the Indian Twitter users, who vented it out on the microblogging platform.

While some called out the makers for the ‘ploy to denigrate India’, ‘bringing shame to the country’, some were upset about equating the country with ‘Terrorists-mother country Pakistan’ and some expressed how such a plot ‘shivers our nerves.’

Apart from calling the story ‘ridiculous’, ‘nonsensical stuff’, they also slammed Priyanka by asking her to have shame on herself, while others called her money-hungry, and some referred to her recent visit to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and how it was in line with the show’s promotions.

One user even went to the extent of tweeting to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj asking if the work permit permits her to spread propaganda against the country.