Zara Akbar - Political Season!

Ask and thou shall have it! Ancients found elves and fairies in any forest or lonely place, who offered men and women this blank cheque! In a similar vein, haseen Zara Akber wants an MPA ticket from Muslim League Noon! But, Shahbaz Sharif is no Nooni Pa to flush out the ticket from his daraz, and hand it to her forthwith!

Recently, Zara was in Gujranwala to do a glamorous theatre play. She forgets that there’s lots of difference between the stagewali jugatbazi and real-life political constituency!

Due to PTI, lots of artistes have entered the fray. It’s quite possible that singer, Abrarul Haq and others may get tickets. So, Zara could have a better chance in PTI. Jawwad Ahmed is ready for the seat, too, in his Barabri Party. As I told you, ML MPA, Kanwal has resigned jab uss kee baat naheen sunee gaee.

You still hopeful for that mehnga ticket, Zara?