Superhero Ads - Not Just The Spandex!

It was the Commander Safeguard that set the pace! That was pure and simple animation. All the kids were wringing their hands in the soap bubbles! They were to help the superhero topple the evil monster brigade! How symbols arise!

But, then came Krrrish from across the border, and then we needed real, not animated chaps to tackle the enemy. After all, paper tigers had held our attention for too long! In comics and animated movies. So, then, where would the flesh-&-bones super good guys be acquired from? Yeah, TV, of course, not from the larger than life silver screen!

The first such Man in Spandex was Meekal Zulfiqar, who (tsk! tsk!) left a damsel in distress hanging from a ledge, in order to fit his mobile circuitry, thereby putting the lie to the concept that the superheroes always appear in a shining cape, when a girl is looking left and right for a chivalrous knight!

How rude!

Sadly, a similar sort of destiny was the lot of the first superhero film, Ghazi, where its preview show revealed a pseudo hero, who got his larynx totally entangled in the roof of his mouth! The sound processing of the Ghazi was so atrocious that even the producer of the film, Humayun Saeed fumed out of the hall! The screening was cancelled! Sorry! Cat got your tongue?

But, then came Fawad Khan! A man with the killer smile, and the heart of a modern Maula Jutt! He flew past the mundane, and knocked out the aliens with his clout! Of course, sponsored by yet another cell phone! Afsos, Fawad had no damsel to save here, but, he surely fits the spandex well. That’s no small feat. Remember, even Shahrukh Khan got not much of box-office receipts to show for it! Well, get steady folks. Here’s Mehwish Hayat in terrific action in a coming superhero movie that will give any overstuffed hero a run for the money! Atta girl!