What’s The Scene? - Odd Language!

Oddities are nothing new for channeled private drama in Pakistan. This week, a queer happening in a local production caught my eye. Chaltey phirtey, I nod my head at one or two scenes in the 8 to 9 slots. My bread and butter! But, I am still struck by some really unbelievable stuff after almost a decade of commenting on the serials.

For openers, Kinza Hashmi, a pretty and talented girl, otherwise, makes it a point to be terribly mean to poor Faizan Khwaja, in Ishq Tamasha, by commenting derisively on his facial features. This week, it was for the umpteenth time she gave him the full blast, in an all-red ensemble. Wordings were, “Mujhe iss kee shakal hee pasand naheen. Main iss kee shakal dekhna naheen chahti!” In so many words. This for the third week musalsal! That’s bad script, for crying out loud!

And Faizan, being heart-broken, dies in a traffic accident. Sorry, but that’s like asking a friend to commit suicide online! It could affect simple-minded people!

For one thing, the girl always compares Junaid with her elder screen brother, and tells him he is nothing in front of his handsome brother, Mehrab Khan (Junaid Khan). “Mera uss par dil aa gaya hai!” she says candidly. No doubt, Junaid is handsome, but for one thing, Faizan isn’t bad looking either, and if anything, he is at least four inches taller than Junaid!

Please, improve the script, people!