Eid Movies - First Thing is Business!

The suggestion that pakistani movies will earn big time in the absence of Bollywood pictures is in for a terrific test. With new Indian hopefuls like Raazi and Race 3 not around, does it automatically mean Saat Din Mohabbat In (SDMI), Wujood, Azaadi, and Na Band Na Baraati (NBNB) will score big time? For one thing, the Hollywood flicks are still there to challenge them, like Jurassic World etc, which are fully loaded with big cast and credit. Moreover, the Eid, this time, is crammed with the affairs of the newly-(half) installed Interim Set-up. Security is going to be a big issue, so beware of that.

But, aside from that, half the list of Pak Eid movies is Lollywood Cinema! Wujood is the offering from the superstar of Lollywood, Javed Sheikh, known for some charming hits like Yeh Dil Aap ka Hua, and Mushkil. Azaadi is a production of Parvez Malik’s son, and stars Nadeem and Momy Rana, Lollywood favourites. On the telly, Danish Taimoor is pretty good, but he hasn’t yet been a winner on the silver screen. Similarly, a Kashmir vehicle will have to be seen to be acknowledged. So, Wajood and Azaadi are both Lollywood. Thus, only two movies have been contributed by Karachi’s TV-based groups, SDMI and NBNB!

Mahira, our transcontinental star, partners talented Shehryar Munawwar in SDMI, and there’s lots of hope for it. It’s a promising pair. In the coming months, we need quite a few films from good producers to make a career out of local cinema. As for NBNB, with smooth operator, Meekal Zulfiqar, we could see him develop into a winner in films too. And Ali Kazmi, Rahat’s son has improved over the years. Things could go for some peak factor, indeed. Also, some smart, young girls may add the fizz to the cola. Of course, comedy is the need of the hour, isn’t it? Good luck!

No wonder the exhibitors and cinema owners are asking for a quick increase in film productions to fill the cinemas, if we are to depend on the local productions. Movies translate to money, at the end, and money, as they claim, is business!