Mövenpick Hotel Karachi recently conducted tree plantation drive in collaboration with I am Karachi to plant 50 Moringa plants at Noor Ali Trust Ground to raise awareness about environmental protection activities to combat rising temperature in our city. Harsh weather conditions have continued to prevail in the city since the beginning of summer this year. The city has also witnessed several heatwaves making it difficult for the citizens to go on with their day-to-day activities. The severity of the weather conditions has made it compulsory to undertake measures that can have a positive effect on the environment and would result in pleasantness of the weather. Keeping that in mind, both organisations teamed up to undertake the social responsibility.

‘‘We really feel that rising temperature is one of the most important issue our city is facing and we needed to undertake an activity to play our part in combating it,“ said Mirza Mansoor, General Manager, Mövenpick. Karachi being a metropolitan city, has a very strong corporate culture as it is known as the economical hub of the country. This automatically makes the corporate entities very significant when it comes to making a change within the city. It is good to see some such entities recognising the role it can play to make a change for our environment.