Pearl Continental Karachi has welcomed on board chef Leng Jun, a man of extraordinary culinary skills who has worked all over the world in countries like China, Maldives, Brunei, Kuwait, Egypt and Dubai. As the head chef of the Chinese restaurant Tai Pan at the hotel, he hopes to deliver the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine to the guests and make their dining experience memorable. The chef specialises in cuisines derived from Shangdong, Sichuan and Cantonese regions. An exclusive food tasting was held recently at PC for members of print and electronic media where they welcomed ched Jun and interacted with him, asking him intriguing questions about the challenges of his job and his time so far in Karachi. The selected menu included a clear broth, thick soup; a bit bland in taste itself but was delicious with the sauces provided with it. The main course consisted of wasabi prawns in mango salsa, sauteed beef, egg fried rice and asparagus rolls. The saucy beef tasted quite nice with the fried rice that had a smoky-garlic taste to it. The mini rolls of asparagus were wrapped in thinly sliced beef fillets and tossed in hot pepper sauce and were quite appetising, as well. The star of the meal was, however, the prawns; the big succulent prawns were coated in a good amount of finger-licking wasabi sauce which was slightly acidic and provided a good contrast of flavours with the sweetness of chopped fresh mango. Karachiites may have much to look forward to in terms of innovation, and if you love Chinese food, you must visit Tai Pan to try the wasabi prawns!