Letter To The Editor

The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn't simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it's a story about who you want to be. – Oprah Winfrey

Unemployment; promotes heinous crimes in society

I wish to draw your attention to the alarming situation regarding unemployment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a living in our state, with 50% of growing generation being unemployed. A man works hard his whole life to educate his children and dream for a bright future but the menace of unemployment, have steadily given a rise to new crimes like burglary, mobile snatching and abduction. Unemployed individuals with difficult livings, find themselves getting involved in evil practices and it harms the society as a whole. If one wishes to eradicate crimes from the society, a close examination of the root cause of the problem should be done, which is often unemployment.

Sumbul Iqbal,

Domestic violence

Domestic violence has risen as a deplorable issue in our country that continues to stamp women, ripping them of their rights. The rights for speaking up for themselves has been taken from them. Lack of education or awareness, Shariah misconceptions regarding women, financial problems of spouse are cited as the key reasons leading to domestic abuse in Pakistan. The absence and implementation of laws concerning domestic violence is another reason why a matter of such importance is not resolved. Awareness campaigns need to be organised to educate both women and men, on how they can put a stop to domestic abuse and to stand up for themselves.

Kazna Khan,

Clean drinking water

The government is failing in providing clean drinking water. We live in a country where people die due to unhygienic water, 44% of population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water and the percentage is proliferating quickly. Circumstances are way worse in rural areas as 90% don’t have access to basic necessity of life and the threat of clean drinking water scarcity contains one of the prime challenges Pakistan is facing. Shocking research has shown that about 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year due to diarrhea alone. Agencies and societies need to work together and take all possible steps to resolve the water shortage and provision of clean drinking water to citizens.

Momina Jamal,

Increased fares during Eid holidays

Through your magazine, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of overcharging in public transport. With Eid-ul-Fitr falling this week, thousands of people head to their hometowns to celebrate this grand festival with their families and the transporters find this occasion a chance to overcharge the customers. There is no proper system to control the problem concerning public transport; rate lists are given but excessive charges are demanded from the commuters. There should be strict laws in place regarding the implementation of the government approved rate list, drivers and the owners of private transport should be warned about the rates, and in case of any violation, their driving licenses and route permits should be cancelled.

Raheel Ali,