Dhanush starrer floors France!

Dhanush starrer 'Extraordinary journey of Fakir,' which released in France has been receiving tremendous love from audience and critics.

The film received standing ovation during it's premiere and the word of mouth has been strong. Dhanush specially with his tremendous talent and charm has been winning hearts across Europe.

Femme Actuelle has rated the film 5 stars, where as 20 minutes, Closer, Direct Matin, Ecran Large, Elle, Tele Loisirs rated 4 stars and so on.

Speaking of working with Dhanush, director Ken Scott says, "When I worked with Dhanush I discovered a great actor and an amazing personality, and it was a great experience during the Paris premieres and the press screenings to realise that the French audience and media felt the same about him, and experienced the same delight and sense of wonder watching Dhanush in our film as I had directing it. My Canadian movie Starbuck was a hit in France some years ago and I’m really enjoying starting the worldwide release of The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir in this country which is close culturally to my own.”