5 Cool Arty Crafty Blogs To Follow

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Whether looking for easy-to-make (and clean up) kids crafts, such as pompoms and finger puppets, to elaborate quilt patterns and everything in between, one can effortlessly find beautiful blogs loaded with informative tutorials, how-to’s, and photo journals, over the internet. But with the wide world of crafting at your fingertips, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Not to worry! Whether you are just beginning to follow your creative calling or have been crafting since you could hold a paint brush, you’ll want to start with the top ten blogs in the UK that Annabelle Short has selected for you!

1. Heart Handmade

Heart Handmade offers a refreshing look at adult crafting. From a blog on handwriting improvement to printable “adult” colouring books, you will find all the inspiration you need to start creating something whimsical and wonderful in your own life. Blogger, Claire, offers a wide variety of tutorials that will spark your childlike imagination but fulfil your polished grown up taste.

2. Emma Varnam

You can follow her adventures in knitting on her blog, emmavarnam.co.uk. There, you will find photos of Emma knitting by the sea and tutorials on knitting pompoms for your handbag or stuffed bears for your youngest family members. Emma also offers readers free patterns for your keyring, kitchen, and other eye catching pieces for your home.

3. Bugs and Fishes

Author and online entrepreneur, Laura “Lupin” Howard, shares a multitude of tools on her website, bugsandfishes.blogspot.com. Filled with colourful and cute images of Laura’s designs, there is plenty of eye candy and free resources for you to use your hands and craft your heart out. You will be awestruck by Laura’s innovative designs that will leave you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

4. Capture by Lucy

This is a stunning blog filled to the brim with visual stories and rich content. Blogger and photographer, Lucy Heath, gives you a peak into her elegant life in the South West country side of England. You will not be short on inspiration as you navigate your way through capturebylucy.com and find recipes, craft and party ideas, as well as beautifully crafted posts on her family adventures.

5. Crafts on Sea

Crafts on Sea offers crafts for kids and grown-ups. Kate’s clearly labelled site makes it easy to navigate through all the crafts and activities that her blog has to offer. Crafts for kids are organised by seasons, holidays and activities while crafts for grown-ups are organised by adult colouring pages, felt finger puppets and DIY teacup craft ideas. craftsonsea.co.uk is the perfect rainy day destination brimming with crafts for adults and children alike.

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Happy blogging!