Bend it like - Beckham

A net worth in billions, a rose-tinted career in professional football, a globally successful fashion designer for a wife and an-always impeccable style game; that’s David Beckham for you. The football royalty has journeyed from his initial days as a trainee at Manchester United to his present stance of a style icon. Britain’s favourite sportsman left the masses floored when he turned up in a ridiculously stylish suit at the royal wedding last month. The charcoal grey Dior morning suit served as an overpowering impetus for us, mere commoners, to dig into his past fashion servings. So, here we go.


History shall remember it as “the royal suit”, and indeed, the charcoal grey Dior Homme morning suit played its part in making David look nothing short of royalty. The three-piece suit was designer Kim Jones' debut as the artistic director of the brand, and indeed, it complimented the sportsman well. With his stunning wife Victoria, clad in a navy blue dress, on his arm, the Beckhams’ appearance was all smoke’s show. Just to make you feel better, you can now own the attires they sported to the wedding (well sure, if you have several thousand dollars to spare), as the power couple is giving them away to raise funds for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.


Paparazzi have a field day when they spot Mr. Beckham in the streets because truly, it’s a sight to behold. His street style wardrobe choices bank on clean fits, versatile colours and classic finishes. The style icon understands that street style is casual and fuss-free, and sticks to classic T-shirts, shorts and pair of denims. Apparently baseball caps, brown and white trainers and leather jackets are his favourite picks, and the fans know it. He also fancies an assortment of headgears; it could be a beanie or a cap.


There is nothing much to say about a man in a tux; he either gets it wrong or right. In Beckham’s case, there is no going wrong! Have you ever seen him sport an ill-fitted suit? We haven’t, either. Our man has graciously taken up the task of perfecting formal wear over the years, opting for clean cuts, subtle shades, the most bang-on combinations, he has rarely ever gone the experimental way with suits, sticking to safe options and never making an awkward colour crash. Honestly we don’t mind; it would be a bummer to see him in a bad suit. Despite being non-eccentric, the attires chosen are never boring, rather they look extraordinary on this dapper man.


Playing his outwear slim, fit, fabulous and flattering, Beckham reaches out for classic cuts to frame his lean body. He’s seen sporting trench coats for both, a casual and formal style ace. Here, the style icon cashes the camel trench coat over a grey suit, a blue pinstriped shirt and deep blue tie. In awe, aren’t you? Nothing like a classic trench coat to smarten up your attire with.


A jacket, a white t-shirt and a pair of good boots, sunnies and of course, a baseball cap (we are sure he has a good stock of them); Beckham’s airport game is as basic as ever. There is no sartorial science to why his t-shirts work so well in his favour. It’s just that he doesn’t go over the top with them and always goes for a perfect fit. This is something we suggest you do too.