Lucknow Central

  • 07 Oct - 13 Oct, 2017
  • Omair Alavi
  • Reviews

Unlike the Bollywood films of today, Lucknow Central is a class apart but only for those who have an eye for a good jailbreak flick. Most of the jailbreak films revolve around how the inmates will escape; this movie revolves around a musical competition that takes place in a prison that is integral to the inmates’ escape plan. Interesting, isn’t it?

Kishen (Farhan Akhtar) is jailed for a crime he didn’t commit and that is one of the reasons why he makes the escape plan, using music as his cover. He befriends all the relevant inmates as well as the NGO worker Gayatri (Diana Penty) who has been assigned the task of coming up with a band. By the end of the first half, everything is set except the fact that the jailer suspects them of concocting a plan. Do they still attempt the escape or go along with the band competition … watch the film to find out.

Lucknow Central is a film for jailbreak lovers as well as Farhan Akhtar fans. Yes, it does borrow elements from Hollywood films such as Escape To Victory, Lock Up, Escape Plan and Escape from Alcatraz to name a few, yet it is the execution that makes it stand out as an original flick. Farhan is brilliant as the inmate with brains while the others also chip in with their skill set. Gippy Grewal’s Pali has the skill of a locksmith, Inaamulhaq’s Dikkat Ansari can enter any room because of his cleaning duties, Rajesh Sharma aka Panditji’s tailoring shop is used as the cover for fake uniforms and Deepak Dobriyal’s Victor helps them as the electrician genius who has the solution to everything.

Role of the jailer is played by Ronit Roy who is always one step ahead when it comes to his domain. He reminds us of the great actors who played wardens in films yet he carries out his role in his own unique way; how many wardens do you think will ask an NGO worker whether she is married or not and suspect the escape plan even before it goes into motion? With impressive dialogues and Hitchcockian suspense, director Ranjit Tiwari make the film a good time pass. •