Ramazan Shows - Need Sympathy & Concern!

AT A TIME, when top artistes like Shakira and Natalie Portman have cancelled their already packed shows in Tel Aviv in protest against the andha dhun firing on the Palestinians, our Muslim brothers from Egypt are celebrating victory at the musical competition in Israel!

While you ponder that headline, one must remember to include such discussions and sensitive questions about Islamic world in the countless Ramazan shows, where there’s hardly any difference from one channel to the other. All through the holy month, I found to my dismay that hardly any channel had the presence of mind to question what was happening in the Muslim world, both, politically and militarily, that may be a travesty in the face of Islamic perception of governance.

As guns blazed in answer to stone-throwers in Palestine, and the Indian government continued to blast away at the hapless Kashmiris, the other places in the Muslim world were passing through huge crises, too. Yemen, the poorest nation was short of food and medical facilities, and with Rasool (SAW)’s special hadiths about the future of Yemen in the end times, not much concern was shown on the shows regarding sending aid to those poor people. Similarly, after the civil war in Syria and Iraq, nobody seems to be sharing their desolation and terrible debacle that’s been their lot since the last many years. Special documentaries should have been shown about these apocalyptic wars that have reduced their ancient beautiful cities to Malbistan! Our Ramazan programs may be colourful and full of guests, but they failed to share the grief of their brothers from all over the world!