Eid Cinema 2018 - Bursting With Activity!

I OFTEN wonder if one of our qadir-ul-kalaam fashion writers were to be inducted into the commentary box at the time of the oath-taking ceremony of the Interim Chaps, he would start with “the PM is well-turned-out in Arjumand Kirmani’s surge sherwani!”

But, since the kabina has been sworn in with, thankfully, the swear words, let’s look elsewhere for entertainment!

Have you, by any chance looked at the small teaser of Mahira and Shehryar wandering in a desert with pathos written all over their sensitive faces? I thought that was fabulous, and sent me back millennia (1960s), when the actors in the subcontinent were required to give all sorts of moods on the screen, not just one mood, halla gulla! After this, I am sure the mohallah kahani from our talented scripter, Fasih Bari Khan would make waves! Yep, I am talking about Saat Din Mohabbat In.

Oh, and, by the way, who would’ve thought Meekal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi will ever play out on the celluloid as pure comedians? Of course, Meekal has starred as one of the comics in Adeel Hashmi’s ad- fun group, which also starred Wasey Chaudhry, Mehreen Raheel, and hairaton par hairat, our current Dollar Girl, Ayyan Ali. As for Ali Kazmi, I enjoyed his work in the early episodes of Baghi (corny lover boy, who fell in love with the first girl he saw after one week of marriage with Qandeel Baloch, acted out by Saba Qamar)! So, good for them in Na Band Na Barati. Will they be able to take the weight of the whole film on their shoulders, is a query for the lapse of one week.

According to our Lollywood superstar, Javed Sheikh, he has never begged for a role in a Bollywood flick. May be! But, he titled one of his films, Yes Boss! So, is he a yes man or not? Well, whatever! I know that he took several risks of making films for Lollywood, when we just had one-&-a-half circuit to our name. Today, there’s lots of space, including China’s market, if we have enough sponsorship. So, let’s hope, Javed’s Wajood sails through big time!

Who’s this new saucy girl, in his film? It’s been years since our own Neeli dazzled the country like no other. We need some talented glam-bam girl in our films.

Last, but not the least, Momy’s Azaadi! For one thing, Momy’s duet number with Sonya is probably the first harmonious ditty to surface from our Eid films. It is phrased Mahiya ve. Music given by Bobby Wazir, a famous family name of Lollywood music, and sung by Afshan Fawwad and Jabbar Abbas. Definitely, a hit melody. It reminds me of Amjad Bobby’s brilliant song from Yeh Dil Aap ka Hua, titled Falak say sitara. Not because it has a similar tune, but a similar mood. Ciao!