• 23 Jun - 29 Jun, 2018
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Zoya came towards Haroon and asked, “Do you believe what they are telling us?”

“Definitely not. They are lying. And we have to find out the truth.”

“But I don’t understand, why are they doing this? Are they doing it out of greed or out of hatred?”

Haroon took a step back and walked around. While walking, he asked Zoya, “As you guys told me, my father died few weeks ago… because of an insulin overdose,”


“So tell me, after how many days did we get to know of our father’s will?”

“I just know that it was a private meeting between you brothers and the lawyer and it was conducted before your father’s funeral.”

“Before the funeral?”

“Yes, it seemed strange to me as well,” she replied.

“So didn’t I tell you about my share?”

“No, you didn’t. I asked, but you didn’t tell me. I think Jasim and Bilawal have taken advantage of that. They’re aware that I don’t know anything about your share.”

Haroon remained silent and appear worried.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“What if, they are not lying and my father has actually given me the lowest share?”

“No, that can’t be possible. He loved you the most, even in his last days.”

“I just can’t remember anything.”

“No, trust me. He couldn’t have done this to you. Your brothers are lying and right now, they must be planning to change the documents of your father’s will.”

“There’s only one way for me to find out whether they are lying or not.”

“And that is?”

“I need to recover my memory. I need to bring it back.”

“Oh come on, we can’t believe that to happen.”

“I’ll have to do something about it.”

They discussed the matter for a while and then went to sleep.


Next day as Zoya woke up and came to the lounge, she saw Haroon holding some strange device. She went closer towards him and asked, “What is this dear?”

“This is a voice recorder. And yes, it does look like a decoration piece but this is my plan to find out the truth.”

“Really? How?”

“Today, I’m going to invite both my brothers. And while they’ll be together, this device would be kept around here somewhere. At that moment, we won’t be in the same room as they would be. The purpose to make them sit together, is to let them have their mischievous conversation. That conversation would be recorded and then I shall have some answers.”


Zoya stared at the device for a while and a thought came up to her, which she spoke:

“Haroon, what if they don’t discuss anything here?”

“It’s just been one day. They haven’t been together, I’m sure. But they need to be, in order to discuss their plan. So I’m just giving them a chance.”

“And what if they have already discussed the matter over the phone?”

“Well, I don’t know,” he considered her point, “but either way their conversation is going to give us some hint or clue.”

“Well, I guess so.”


Two hours later, Bilawal has just reached their home. He was making his way towards the guest room while talking to Zoya who was escorting him, “I need to know why you have called me at this hour.”

“It’s just a little party,” she replied. “Haroon wants to thank you for taking care of him while he was at the…”

“Oh please, don’t tell me that,” he spoke getting annoyed.

Zoya felt a bit scared but managed anyway, “Look Bilawal, you’ll enjoy this. Just sit here for a while, Haroon will be here in a while. He needs to talk with you.”

“About what?” he replied sternly as usual.

“Just give us a minute.”

Zoya left him alone in the guest room and rushed towards Haroon who was in the kitchen. Haroon saw her and asked, “How did it go?”

“Oh please, don’t ask. It was terrible. Your brother is so rude.”

“Well, he’s a lot more than that but you stay here and wait for Jasim’s call on my phone. He’s about to come.”

“He better.”

“In the meantime, I’ll go and talk to Bilawal.”

Haroon left the room and Zoya held her forehead thinking about her unsympathetic brother in law, Bilwal.

Several minutes later, Zoya was walking along with the recently arrived guest, Jasim towards the guest room. She escorted him to the guest room where Haroon was talking to Bilawal but he stood up and warmly welcomed Jasim to come and sit. Bilawal and Jasim got quite surprised they weren’t expecting to see each other. Somehow, Haroon made them sit close together and before leaving them alone, he spoke:

“Just give us fifteen minutes.”

“We need to order some food,” Zoya added.

“Ok, sure,” Jasim replied.

Haroon and his wife walked away and left them alone.

Bilawal spoke up as they left, “I am really fed up with these two. I had a lot of work to do, and they invited me over for this stupid party.”

“Don’t worry,” Jasim said trying to peek through the door. “It’s a good opportunity to discuss our plan.”

“Are you crazy? We can’t talk about this at their home.”

“Just let me see,” he spoke standing up, looking at the door.

Through the glass door, he checked to see if Haroon and his wife were standing close by or had gone away.

“Ok they’re not standing close by,” Jasim spoke while sitting back with Bilawal. “So anyways, I wanted to tell you that I called our dad’s attorney last night.”

Meanwhile, outside the kitchen, Haroon and Zoya were standing. Zoya asked him, “Alright, now what?”

“Now, instead of fifteen minutes we’ll stay here for thirty minutes. So they can talk and the important part of their conversation gets recorded.”

“Oh… Well, can I order food?”

“In five minutes.”


“Now take me to their cars outside.”

“Their cars?” she got kind of surprised. “What do you need to do with their cars?”

“You’ll see. Just tell me which one belongs to who.”

They left the spot and went in the garden outside. One car was parked close to the garden within the boundaries of the house. She pointed out towards the car and said, “This is Bilawal’s.”

Then she opened the small gate and pointed towards another car that was parked outside.

“And that is Jasim’s. Now tell me what you are planning to do?”

While looking at Jasim’s car, Haroon showed her two small devices that he was holding and spoke, “These are microphones. These can fit anywhere. I will now install these in their cars and then we’ll hear everything they speak.”

“But, only in their cars right?”

“Yes, it’s worth a shot.”

“I’m surprised Haroon, from where did you get all these ideas?”

“I was up all night,” he replied. “I planned all this by looking it up over the internet and then I immediately ordered this stuff.”

“You’re so eager to find the truth.”

“It’s not that I want my father’s property’s greater share, there’s something else that’s really bothering me.”

“And that is?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t speak of it right now. But I’ll tell you eventually.”

She didn’t argue and changed the subject, “Well, I better order food now. In the meantime, you do what you have to do.”

They separated and did their respective tasks.

An hour later, the four of them were seating at the dining table, having lunch when Haroon spoke up, “The purpose of this party was to thank my brothers for supporting me throughout,”

“Oh please, don’t mention that,” Jasim replied pretending to be nervous.

Bilawal was quite angry and wasn’t entertaining Haroon’s words.


Later that evening, when Haroon and Zoya had the house to themselves, after Bilawal and Jasim left, Haroon spoke up, “Alright Zoya, please get the device from the guest room so that we can hear their conversation.”

“Sure, give me a minute,” she said before leaving the spot.

In the meantime, Haroon switched off the television and sat on the sofa in order to make the environment quiet and comfortable.

Zoya came holding the device and some speakers. Haroon took it from her and set them up. Haroon forwarded the audio to the point where Jasim and Bilawal were sitting alone and having their conversation.

Zoya sat next to him and the audio began with Jasim’s voice:

“Ok, they’re not standing close by… So anyways, I wanted to tell you that I called our dad’s attorney last night, and she said that it’s not easy for her to change our father’s will.”

“What?” Bilawal’s furious voice came. “Has she been lying to us this whole time? Tell her that she has to do this by all means.”

“I have. She’s just saying that it might take some time for her, since she has to change the share of the son who got the greatest share in property, into the lowest.”

Zoya and Haroon were shocked after what they just heard, and Haroon paused the audio.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes, he said changing the greatest share into lowest share. This means, you were the one who got the greatest share,” Zoya said.

“Exactly and these two still haven’t changed the original will’s document.”

“So, what do we do now?” she asked anxiously.

“Let’s hear out more,” Haroon said resuming the audio.

“Give me her number,” the audio began with Bilawal’s voice. “I’ll call her and convince her my way.”

There was a moment of silence, after which Jasim spoke up as if he found something in his phone.“Ushna Malik, here’s her number.”

Haroon stopped the audio and closed his eyes tightly, trying to remember something important.

“What is it Haroon?” Zoya asked looking at him.

“I think, I know her. Just wait let me recall.”


“Yes,” he spoke trying to remember. “Just give me a minute.”

Zoya was a bit confused as to why he was giving this name so much importance.

After a long pause, Haroon spoke up, “Ok, I remember now. She came here several years ago. She was my father’s lawyer but I didn’t know that. Or maybe I did and I lost that specific memory.”

“Do you remember her by face?”

“Unfortunately no. I can only recognise her if she comes in front of me.”

“So, you think she is involved in this some way?”

“Definitely. After all, she’s the one they were talking about, the one who can change father’s will.”

“So, how can we get to her?” Zoya asked.

“That’s the question, how?”

They both remained silent, while thinking about it.


Two days later, Zoya and Haroon were inside their car. Zoya was on the driver’s seat. The car was parked outside Jasim’s house.

“I don’t think this a good idea,” Zoya spoke. “We did the same yesterday outside Bilawal’s house.”

“It’s the only way for me to recognise the lawyer. All we have to do is wait outside their home and note the faces of the women who come and go from their house.”

“But, what if they don’t call Ushna over? What if they just sort the matter on phone with her?”

“That’s not possible. This issue of changing legal documents is not something that can be done through a phone call.”

“Why not? Your brothers are cunning enough to do this even through the internet.”

They kept on arguing until Jasim’s house’ gate opened and some aged woman with brown hair stepped outside.

Haroon and Zoya looked ahead at her but some bright light from inside the house blocked their view. Haroon focused as hard as he could on her face then spoke helplessly:

“It’s her, it’s her. One hundred percent it’s her.”

Zoya started her car and heard Haroon saying, “Follow her, follow her!”

Ushna walked towards her Mehran and sat inside it. As she turned the engine on and accelerated the vehicle to leave, Zoya started to follow her.

Almost half an hour later, Ushna reached outside her home. She parked her car and stepped outside. Holding some files, she walked towards her house, unlocked the gate and went inside. Zoya and Haroon immediately stepped out from their car and rushed after her. The moment Ushna shut the door, Haroon rang the bell. The door was opened immediately by Ushna. She got a bit surprised to see Haroon.

“Haroon, what are you doing here?” she asked him.

“So you remember me?” he asked her.

“Well, I should be the one asking that,” Ushna replied. “Because you are the one who lost his memories.”

“Yes I remember you Miss Ushna Malik, my father’s lawyer who sold him out after his death.”

Ushna remained silent as if expressing her sadness.

“Well?” Zoya spoke up.

“I didn’t sell him. I’m being coerced.”

Haroon got a bit surprised but asked her to come inside politely

“Sure,” she said.

The next minute, Zoya and Haroon were sitting on a couch in Ushna’s guest room. She started speaking and the couple listened to her carefully, “Bilawal and Jasim are forcing me to change the legal documents into what they desire. But the truth is that they haven’t got 40% and 35% share as they are saying.”

“So why don’t you tell us the real percentage of the share?” Haroon asked her.

“Why just tell you, I can show you,”

“No, just tell us verbally right now,” Haroon requested.

“You got 50% of your father’s property.”

Zoya and Haroon got so stunned that their eyes were left wide open.

“And your brothers got 20% each, and the remaining 10% is supposed to be donated to some charitable organisation,”

Zoya and Haroon were left in shock until they heard something that was even more shocking enough to blow their minds away.

“And there’s something else you need to know Mr. Haroon,” Ushna spoke. “Your father’s death due to insulin overdose was not an accident. It was a completely planned act of your brothers and now they are taking advantage of your memory loss.”

Zoya was so terribly upset that she held her forehead with both her hands. Haroon wasn’t shocked because he was expecting this in some way but soon his eyes started to fill with tears.