Colour Me Summer!

  • 30 Jun - 06 Jul, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Delve into seasonal fashion trends taking inspiration from our very own couturiers. These fresh off-the-ramp cuts and prints will refresh your wardrobe and set you apart at your summer soirées! Fish out your notebooks as we jot down our suggestions for a perfect summer wardrobe, based on high-end designer collections.

There is no part of the year when florals become less appropriate but this feminine detail is specially endorsed during summer, all thanks to the ‘cool’ effect it lends to the wearer leaving onlookers in awe giving them major fashion and ‘floral’ goals.

We suggest that shades of blue and hues of the sea are celebrated as other colours this season. They are light on the eyes and give off a soothing effect, something that the weather these days constantly demands.

Celebrate this season with spring colours – take your pick from shades of green, orange, pink, and yellow. Since florals are ‘in’, these are the hues you can hardly avoid. Use these to your dress’ advantage and make it pop.

If you are some one who likes to carry trends in a soft and feminine style but with grace and class, stick to neutrals, especially white. This will make you look effortlessly chic giving you enough room to style the outfit with chunky, funky and colourful accessories.

Statement accessories and separates are also a good way to go about. If you don’t want to invest in a whole new wardrobe for the season, you can hoard on generic separates, like traditional, crafty, truck art-inspired pieces, that can always come in handy later. 

For the courageous few out there, experiment with the cuts of your separates – go bold! Assymetrical hemlines are back. Towards the turn of the next month, we will also get into fall trends, like fringes. Combine these trends together so you can proudly wear your outfits through the next season.