Twitterati Angry After Google Terms Salman Khan as Worst Bollywood Actor

Superstar Salman Khan has been termed as the worst Bollywood actor by Google. Soon after the release of ‘Race 3’, the search engine showed Salman Khan as the worst actor of Bollywood. In an amusing turn of events, when one search on Google for the ‘Worst Bollywood actor’ it shows Salman Khan’s picture and his description. Interestingly, many netizens in a past few weeks have searched for the same, and many bhai fans got furious at the result.

A leading daily reached out to Google to understand how meta tags determine what Google’s search shows. They found out that Google picks up search keywords and shows articles and photos that have been uploaded with that particular keyword or tag.

One Twitter user wrote, “Google it’s totally unfair. It’s totally ridiculous that a man with most charity works&blockbusters @BeingSalmanKhan is the worst actor. What a cheap joke Google is playing with us totally unfair. I think it’s technically fault operated by Google mistakenly #worstbollywoodactor” while the other wrote “Just wanted to ask @beingsalmankhan Why is Google showing you as the #worstbollywoodactor? Has google also watched #Race3.”