Fahad Mustafa had recently landed himself in trouble following Jeeto Pakistan’s recent episode on June 13, where he ridiculed a little girl on live television.

Farheen, a contestant on the show, drew a sketch of the star, which upon taking, Fahad promptly commented, “Itna bura dikhta hun mein? (Do I look this bad?)”

He, then went on to ask his daughter to comment on the picture and then told Farheen to never draw again.

Following this, a number of people took to Facebook to make Fahad feel a little ashamed of what they think was a wrongdoing.

Anum Kausar, a student from IoBM, took to the social media site to share her thoughts when she stumbled upon the episode. “I’m beyond disgusted with how Fahad Mustafa thought it is okay to insult, bully and degrade a child young enough to be his daughter,” she wrote and also lauded Farheen’s efforts . “To the girl who likes to draw, keep on doing that. You’re amazing. Never let anyone tell you to stop drawing or to stop following your dreams and passions. I hope this reaches you.”

Anum’s post spread like wildfire and many came forward to condemn the actor’s behaviour on the show altogether.

Responding to the criticism on the next episode of Jeeto Pakistan on June 14, Fahad said, “Yesterday I asked the girl to improve her drawing, someone became offended. Everyone in Pakistan should stop being offended and start being blissful. That’s how we talk to children, that’s how I talk to my children. Please applause for the girl.”

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