Bieber and B Hailey Baldwin are back together and Gomez Can’t Get Over it

Selena Gomez has been doing her best to not pay attention to ex Justin Bieber’s new romance with Hailey Baldwin and despite being bothered by it, she doesn’t think their relationship will last.

Selena Gomez, 25, has been having a hard time staying away from the news about Justin Bieber‘s new romance with Hailey Baldwin, 21, because she still has feelings for him, it’s been upsetting for her. “Selena is doing her best to ignore Justin and his dating life, but she is aware that he and Hailey are spending a lot of time together, making out in public and seem to be happy together,” a source close to Selena told HollywoodLife. “Selena is doing her best to not pay attention to what Justin is up to, but it’s impossible, her friends text her and tell her what is going on constantly. She enjoys being single but knowing Justin is moving on still hurts.”

“Selena still misses him and thinks about Justin all the time,” the source continued. Selena’s own experience with having a love life with Justin keeps her weary of his relationship with anyone else. “Selena has major doubts that Justin and Hailey will stay together very long,” the source said. “Selena knows better than anyone how challenging it can be to maintain a relationship with Justin. She wishes Justin the best and hopes he does not break Hailey’s heart by quickly losing interest again.”