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You can’t miss the huge restaurant at one end of the food court at the mall; not just for its sheer size as compared to other food counters there, but also because its ambience almost lures you in. It is a smart idea for Zoaq to have opened their first branch in Karachi at a mall where most people opt for Chinese, continental and fast food, hence standing out for the traditional Pakistani and Indian food on its menu. But the real success lies in delivering a great taste, and this is where Zoaq wins! Offering a refined selection of dishes, the staff also treats everyone who steps in like royalty. I ordered the Chilman Biryani – something I had heard a lot of praises of. To my horror, the dish came garnished with cashews and raisins, a combination that I dislike strongly in my food. But amazingly, the rice weren’t sweet at all; I was able to enjoy the dish after taking out the raisins, and the cashews tasted quite good mixed with mutton and rice cooked in a special spice mix. For those who are always skeptical about having kata kat, that is made with offal, can always go for a dish like Chicken Taka Tak here, the former’s younger, more modern sister. The boneless dish is made on a hot plate with pretty much the same hot and tasty spices along with generous amount of butter and crushed black pepper. Sonehri Mutton Champs were recommended to me by the server and I was delighted that I listened to him because they were an instant hit. The tender ribs were grilled in finger-licking Lahori spices and are highly endorsed from my side!

Location: Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi
Average cost for 2: PKR 2,500 approx.


From the names of the dishes to the presentation and taste, food here gives off a strong vibe of tradition. If you are into the typical Indian and Pakistani spice mixes, you will love every bite you take here!


The dimly lit space is calm and gives a peculiar sense of seclusion to the diners. It’s a shame that dew covers the life-size room windows most of the time which restricts one from enjoying the outside view.


The staff makes sure you have a pleasant time in every sense of the word. They are attentive, courteous and will offer best recommendations.


The restaurant does a good job at the art of presentation on everything from a simple salad to biryani which makes the food so much more appealing.


Karachi aces desi food like anything, so one might prefer opting for the same dishes in more affordable prices elsewhere. But Zoaq provides a fancier option for special occasions.