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  • 30 Jun - 06 Jul, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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I like to read MAG every week. It is the best fashion magazine around. Keep up the good work. Please do add reviews of new Pakistani movies. Thanks. Aleena, Karachi

Hello MAG! Really love your work. Please add more stuff related to sports or the on-going football World Cup. Best wishes! Nabeel, Lahore

Hey MAG, the last issue was awesome! I always try the recipes provided and this time they were all desi dishes so I’m going to try them all soon. Hina, Islamabad

Hello. Style watch is my most favourite part to read in MAG. The overall content is also very engaging, I always wait for the next copy. Please do an interview of Farhan Saeed. Beenish, Karachi

Loved the Eid issue! Lovely shoot and dresses. Please do more articles on eastern fashion. Kainat, Lahore

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