Say bye to accidental blinks in photos


In a research paper published recently, a pair of Facebook engineers describe a new method that uses machine learning to retouch closed eyes in photos. The method is just at a research stage at this point, but while there’s no guarantee Facebook will ever introduce such a feature into its website or apps, that does seem like a strong possibility. As the researchers note, there are already plenty of photo retouching tools that can remove red eyes or smooth out blemishes, so why isn’t there one that solves the problem of accidental blinks?

The system works by using a machine learning method called a generative adversarial network, or GAN. This is a technique that has proved particularly adept at generating imagery, and it has already been put to work creating fake celebrities, changing the weather in videos, and even designing clothes. Blinking is no challenge at all.

Get ready to add music stickers on your Insta stories

It looks like photo sharing app Instagram is plotting a new feature which will allow users to add music to their Stories. TechCrunch reports that coding spotted inside the platform’s Android app points towards a new ‘music stickers’ capability. Users may be able to search for specific tracks, genres or artistes in the future, and their selections will most likely play in the background of Instagram Story posts.

The tech publication also reports that Instagram is also testing a way to automatically detect a song a user is listening to. The app will be able to display the artist and song title.