6. From live to colour

Mickey Mouse made his first live, in-person appearance on March 12, 1931 in Los Angeles in a live stage show called the Mickey Mouse Idea. He appeared in black and white for the last time in Mickey's Kangaroo – and his first appearance in colour was in The Band Concert on February 23, 1935. In 1955, he made his TV debut in The Mickey Mouse Club.

7. He's been everywhere

More than 100 Mickey cartoons were produced in the 1930s and were shown in theatres as films, newsreels, dramas and comedies. They were so popular that filmgoers would ask if the cartoon would be in the show before they actually bought a ticket.

8. Mickey has a large family

We all know Donald and Goofy, but Mickey doesn't just have friends – he has a big family too. His nephews Morty and Ferdie are the more well known, but there are also grandparents, a dozen cousins, uncles, including Uncle Maxwell, a professor called Cousin Digger, an Australian rancher and Uncle Louie, a French chef.

9. The Walk of Fame

Mickey is the first cartoon character to get his own star on the Walk of Fame. The star was put in on November 18, 1978 to mark his 50th anniversary. If you want to see it, the star is located on 6295 Hollywood Boulevard.

10. When he turned 60

To mark Mickey's 60th birthday Mickey was given a place in the Smithsonian Institution. In 1988, Walt Disney Studios donated six original animation drawings from Steamboat Willie to the National Museum of American History.

11. The most successful Mickey merchandise is the watch

While the iconic Mickey Mouse watch symbol is now a staple accessory – with even Apple using it – it wasn't always so. The original watch was produced by Ingersoll-Waterbury in 1933 and was sold for just $2.95. The company gave Walt Disney the 25millionth Mickey watch in 1957.