Dil Diyan Gallaan - Killer Combo!

The moment i saw them together in that provocative single Eid play, I was shaking my head in disbelief! Who had the uncanny thought to cast versatile Saba Qamar and debonair Zahid Ahmed together in that totally fun episode, Dil Diyan Gallaan?

Another question that popped up in my kancha dimagh was: will the Saba-Zahid duo be listed as the second most iconic pair after the Fawad-Mahira teamed up in Humsafar? Because not only was it a watchable episode, despite its thin one-line plot, they were just too good to be limited to one show. Their cues were on the dot, their crisp, natural responses made the play fun to watch, their timing hit the deck like anything, and once when they came too close, embers were almost seen flying.

But, take precautions: If you cast them together in a serial, please don’t give them mundane roles, or bad treatment, meaning half-fried stuff. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a damp squib, like the Kubra-Zahid combo in Daldal, which collapsed too quickly. The plot should be top of the line to bring out the best in the talented artists.