Our Films - Some Quick Thoughts!

Before anything else, I would like to say that Humayun Saeed’s first big earner, Bin Roye, had Humayun putting his foot down in the climax to wed an incensed Mahira. The film did great business. His last great hit, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, which earned more than 50 crore, had a woman scorned (Mehwish Hayat) putting her heels down to make the husband realise his folly!

Have things really changed during the intervening years? Well, for one factor, girls in our films are getting tough! In Parchi, the lovely babe, Hareem Farooq heads the boys’ brigade in a likeable role. In Verna, a vengeance story, Mahira stiffens her jaw muscles. A super heroine film with Mehwish is also in the pipelines. As for Saba Qamar, one hopes after TV serial Baghi, she could soon be making her mark on local cinema in a similar rebel role. Another point: Will a macho hero Teefa earn through his action sequences alone? We hear the film is well made and full of surprises. If Ali Zafar wins this round, he will be the first hero to win through powerful action-packed performance in Pakistan. For the last 70 years, we have been an utter failure at presenting good action. In Azaadi, for instance, a story based on action, there are pathetic action scenes. Hence, despite its good qualities, the film suffers. I remember saying the same thing about Riaz Shahid’s Gharnata, a brilliant historic film of 1969. It’s high time we improved our action!