Incredible Health Benefits Of Consuming Nuts

We’re nutty over the health benefits of these awesome snacks

Did you know that high levels of fatty acids and protein combined can help the nervous system combat depression? Besides good fat and protein, all nuts offer their own specific nutrient combination and some have extra-special healing properties. Nuts can boost health, help you lose weight and gets your skin glowing. They are enriching antioxidants and are generally an excellent food to eat on a low-carb diet so make sure to include a handful of these on daily basis because at the end of the day, nuts are a highly nutritious and super tasty food that can fit into almost everyone's diet.

Almonds are a powerhouse for your bones

Something you might not have known is that almonds contain phosphorus. This helps maintain and build the strength and durability of bones and teeth and helps prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Almonds also help to reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels.

Cashews are all vitamins and minerals

Cashew nuts help in growth, development and digestion. The magnesium content present in them provides healthy teeth as well as strong gums to hold them. The copper and iron in cashews work together to help the body form and utilise red blood cells. This in turn keeps blood vessels, nerves, the immune system, and bones healthy and functioning properly. The antioxidants in them protect eyes from light damage (which can turn into blindness in the elderly), and can even help decrease the instance of cataracts.

Brazil nuts are immunity boosters

Brazil nuts are an incredibly rich source of selenium: A mineral that acts as an antioxidant but also plays other crucial roles in body functioning. Selenium also helps increase blood flow which more than meets the daily required intake of selenium. Selenium also helps to keep your kidneys healthy and boosts your immunity and thyroid functioning.

Macadamia nuts make you stronger

Just like almonds, having a handful of nuts a day also helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases your good cholesterol (HDL). Macadamias are 100% cholesterol-free! They are also full of flavonoids, which turn into antioxidants when we consume them, helping us fight cell damage. And lower blood pressure and protect against some forms of cancer. They’re a source of vitamin A, iron and protein. Similar to Brazil nuts, they’re great inflammation fighters. All of this makes them a “heart-healthy” food.

Pecans are full of wonders

Pecans are packed with manganese which supports bone health plus they can actually help ease PMS symptoms. Manganese has been shown to reduce mood swings and cramps, especially when combined with calcium. Pecans also contain polyphenols, which act as antioxidants. It contains a fatty acid which has been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer and also reduce the risk of colon cancer since they help clean the gastrointestinal system. Pecan nuts are an excellent source of vitamins, zinc, and folate and phosphorous which play an important role in maintaining good skin.

Walnuts can do miracles

Walnuts have some extraordinary effects on the brain. So you can have some of those before your next brainstorm session! They’re also a great source for maintaining healthy heart, controls blood pressure and improve blood flow through the circulatory system, as per a study. Because walnuts are high in fiber as well as protein, they actually help you feel fuller for longer, so they’re a great snacking option for vegans and those trying to lose weight. They’ve been found to fight inflammation in healthy people and those with serious diseases.

Hazelnuts are a source of good health

Studies have proved that hazelnuts can increase the amount of vitamin E in your blood. It’s the key vitamin for healthy skin, hair and nails! It helps to prevent and treat diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Hazelnuts also contain thiamine, which plays a crucial role in nerve function and cognitive function. They improve memory and hinder anxiety. They also contain folate, which helps spine and brain development of your baby during pregnancy.