Put Your Dancing Shoes On!

Nach Nach (Na Maloom Afraad 2)

This song is set against the engagement ceremony of Mohsin Abbas Haider and Hania Amir’s characters. The serene backdrop of Cape Town, bright wedding décore, lavish gowns and an incredibly upbeat rythm, all make this song, sung and composed by the uber talented Shani Arshad, for a good watch as well as a tune that you can’t resist moving along to.

Sara Lahore Nachda (Chain Aye Na)

As sorry as I may be, adding this movie to any list other than the ones that count down bad attempts at pretty much everything, its wedding song might just be the only remotely good thing to come out of this shameful cinematic venture. Directed by Syed Noor in an effort to make a comeback, this movie and this wedding song has the same old feel of his previous movies. If that’s something that you like, make the song work for you and don’t let much else bother you. Even though its composition by M. Arshad barely holds up, and Ammar Baig and Beena Khan struggle with the vocals, you could easily turn this one around with fun moves and happening choreography.

Shor Sharaaba (Janaan)

You will find tonnes of wedding songs highlighting Punjabi culture, but not the same can be said in favour of other Pakistani cultures. Well, this entire movie was an ode to the beauty of Northern landscapes and people, which reflected in the music of the film, as well. Keeping aside the incredibly sloppy dance moves in the film, Shor Sharaaba is actually a fun and carefree song that one can just imagine dancing to with friends. Ahmed Ali does a good job on the tune and even though Fatima Najeeb’s lyrics could be better, Indian singers Bhoomi Trividi and Shadab Faridi make up for the lost zeal by their vocals.

Lar Gaiyaan (Dobara Phir Se)

This song was without a doubt one of the only few good things to come out of the movie. A highly enjoyable, perfect parts sweet and energetic number, Lar Gaiyaan has been composed by Haniya Aslam and Justin Gray. But the vocals by Zarish Hafeez and Shiraz Uppal definitely outperform everyone else. This song has it all – it starts with an emotional note then turns into something fun and by the time we reach the middle, the lyrics get flirtatious, too.

Jalwa (Jawani Phir Nahi Ani)

This one is a naughty number that gives the groom’s and bride’s aides a chance to engage in a fun exchange on the dance floor. What’s there not to love? It has funny lyrics, a catchy tune, powerful vocals by Sana Zulfiqar and Sahir Ali Bagga, and all the neccassry dhoom dharaka one needs in a song to dance at a wedding.

Ghar Nari & Shakar Wandan (Ho Mann Jahaan)

There can be no better song to play in the background as the bride walks down the aisle than Ghar Nari, penned down by Hazrat Amir Khusrau and rendered vocally by Fareed Ayaz. This soft qawalli-inspired track will drown the entire atmosphere in a sufi-like emotional state. A perfect track to be followed by is Shakar Wandan sung by Asrar. His power-packed voice has made this number truly unforgettable – it still enjoys the same craze that it did when it was first released. Written by Afzal Sahir and composed by a super talented lot of Zebunissa Bangash, Atif Aslam and Faakhir Mehmood, no wonder this song captures the mood of a wedding so well.

Ballay Ballay (Bin Roye)

One of the best dance numbers to have been given to us in recent times, courtesy our cinematic releases, Ballay Ballay was an instant hit as soon as it came out. It is hard to imagine any tune composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal not to be a chartbuster. He is quite fond of featuring singers from across the border, something which certainly seems to contribute to the magic he is known for. For this one, he couples with the amazing Harshdeep Kaur to give us a soft bhangra song that no wedding celebration should be deprived of.

Kaala Doriyan (Dekh Magar Pyar Se)

Granted this one may be too slow to be a dance number, especially at a wedding, people seemed to like Kaala Doriyan a lot when it first released, and understandably because Abbas Ali Khan’s quirky notes set the mood well. If this is the kind of music that would appeal to you or the happy couple, then don’t let anything stop you from swaying to it on the dance floor.

Honorary mentions

While there are some songs that you can easily categorise, there are some that leave you confused about whether they would be an appropriate choice to play or dance on at a wedding. Composed by Waqar Ali and sung by Elia Waqar, Selfiyan (Wrong Number) is one such number. Is it an item number or a wedding song? I leave that up to your good offices, but one thing is for sure, this song is definitely playing with the thin line that is the difference between the two. Kalabaaz Dil (Lahore Se Agey) might be my favourite of the lot for its upbeat music by Shiraz Uppal and engaging vocal performance by Aima Baig and Jabar Abbas, but it is definitely not the kind of song that would be any one’s first choice to perform on at a wedding, as this was clearly an item number in the movie, albeit the most decent one of the recent lot. Nevertheless, wedding dances are supposed to be fun, enjoyable, a bit naughty, and a bit flirtatious, so if you are open to it, this might be the best song to shake on. The only reason 24/7 Lak Hilna (Punjab Nahi Jaungi) is in the section is because of its racy lyrics by Shakeel Sohail and Sahir Ali Bagga, but if you are bold enough to pull off dance moves on this tune, don’t let anyone stop you. The vocals by Meesha Shafi and Sahir Ali Bagga will definitely make this an interesting performance to enjoy by all! •