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A tweet was enough to raise some orders, donations
  • 07 Jul - 13 Jul, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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With people unable to go out and splash the cash, it can be hard for businesses to make enough money to keep afloat, especially when there are books involved.

This is the situation an independent bookshop owner from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, found herself in this week. Georgia Duffy, owner of Imagined Things bookshop, took to Twitter to tell all about her 'worst day ever'.

She wrote: "We only took £12.34 today. If anyone was thinking about buying a book now would be a great time! "Things have been tough recently – today was the worst day ever. "A card, a book, anything makes a huge difference to a small business like ours. We'd be very grateful for your support." Georgia wasn't expecting much to come out of the tweet, but what happened next was incredible. Thousands of people saw the post, with over 4,000 sharing it and 5,000 liking it. The store was instantly inundated with orders.

As well as an increase in sales, author Alison Pearson has since been in touch with Georgia, offering to give a reading at the store.