Zarrin Panna - Still Giving Her Iota!

Look at her! She has kept herself fit from her earliest film days to this very instance! A beautiful and versatile dancer in films, Zarrin Panna remains a dance activist to this day. If you want to know how good she is, you can see her in films like Baji, Gulfam, Tamasha, Seema etc.

Just recently, she was summoned to China to train children how to dance and plan their regimen by a cultural group of China. She, being a superb choreographer, accomplished her job well. She returned from China just last week, after attending an international dance seminar. Zarrin Panna said she trained the children to dance along the patriotic songs of Pakistan. It was an effort in the context of Pak-China Friendship.

Zarrin Panna was introduced to our film industry as Panna, and was considered a top dancer during the Fifties and Sixties. Later, she was married to famous director, S. Suleiman. They are no more together, but both have been very beneficial to our industry, and have been great artistes.