Kaisee Aurat Hoon Main - Working Woman!

Finally, a serial on the working woman! Yes, a commercial one, but at least, somebody thought of doing something sensible!

Before Kaisee Aurat Hoon Main (KAHM), only Saba Qamar’s Digest Writer was anywhere near the concept of a working woman, though she worked from her home. We have been neglecting the working women for decades now, and wasting the celluloid on issue-less, ghareloo crap, as if the proverbial palatial intriguers have found their modern-day homes in our urban residences!

Domestic intrigues are no world issues!

Both seniors, Faisal Rehman and Nadia Khan have done a great job in the serial. Faisal is a known brilliant actor, with his gesture scale even impressing our senior film actors. He worked with Mohammad Ali and Sabiha Khanum without showing any pressure. But, this time, Nadia Khan has done beautifully as an impressionable, simple girl. It’s a great jump from her earlier serial, Zan Mureed, whose title and story are both beyond logic. In KAHM, she slips wonderfully in her second skin. Faisal essays villainy without even bothering to show evil expressions. Nadia, on the other hand, returns to her acting prowess from her A-class hosting she has been doing for the last decade or so. It’s also good to see some talented Lahore youngsters in this serial, which is not mostly the case.