Ayesha & Nawazuddin - Series of Good Ads!

Don’t know why nobody thought of getting Indian and Pakistani artistes together before! But, the coolant machine ad is one of the best series of ads in recent years. Despite an odd combo, Ayesha being a glamour girl, while Nawazuddin an arty actor, they hit it famously well. No frozen looks there!

These ads, probably, started late last year, when Ayesha hadn’t yet married, and Nawazuddin was in the middle of shooting Manto. But, they look very fresh, and fast onto cues. Their responses are hilarious. An overbearing wife, and a husband, who remembers too late after uttering. Ayesha looks gorgeous, as always, with the right colours and shades. Nawazuddin has made a name for himself with a typical dialogue delivery from the theatre. So, they gel well!

As I said, a good series of ads. Hope they think of more such series with cross-border co-operation. That’s a good thing for peace initiatives.