12. When he turned 60

To mark Mickey's 60th birthday Mickey was given a place in the Smithsonian Institution. In 1988 Walt Disney Studios donated six original animation drawings from Steamboat Willie to the National Museum of American History.

13. Ever changing personality

Mickey was originally a cheeky anti-hero, but was re-branded as an everyman, a flawed but adventurous hero. He was re-branded again in 2009 where the emphasis was on the mischievous and adventurous side of his character.

14. Election fever

In the US Mickey's name is often used as a protest vote. Instead of people ticking none of the above, they often opt to write his name.

15. Mickey Mouse as slang

The mouse's name is used often as slang or as a nickname. It means small-time, amateurish or trivial. In the UK it can mean counterfeit. In Australia it's used as something being very good – rhyming slang for grouse. In World War II, the Motor Minesweepers used by the British Royal Naval Patrol Service were known as Mickey Mouses. In the Godfather Part II, Fredo justifies betraying Michael by saying: "Let Fredo take care of some Mickey Mouse night club somewhere!"

16. Obama loves Mickey

The former president once jokingly referred to Mickey as "the world leader who has bigger ears than me". Mickey has met every US president since Truman apart from Lyndon B. Johnson.

17. A temporary assignment

When Iwerk left Disney, Walt scripted Mickey, assigning the art to Win Smith. Disney preferred animation, so soon Smith was given both, the script and art. Not happy, he resigned. Disney searched for a replacement among his staff, and settled on Floyd Gottfredson, who had been recently hired. He was eager, but wasn't as keen on the Mickey assignment. Disney assured him it would just be temporary and he accepted. Gottfredson's 'temporary assignment' ended up running from May 5, 1930 to November 15, 1975.