Letters To The Editor

The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools. – Confucius

The first visually-impaired judge of Pakistan

Yousaf Saleem has made history by becoming the first blind judge in Pakistan. The dream of the 25-year-old visually impaired man to become a judge is fulfilled; when he received a letter from the Lahore High Court. He, has proved that disability does not mean inability. Saleem along with 21 civil judges took oath recently and he is all ready to fulfil his responsibilities. His journey of becoming a judge truly inspires us and showed everyone there is nothing impossible to achieve if you strive for it.

Bushra Mirza,

The upcoming Elections 2018

The political analysts foresee no major change in the wake of the forthcoming elections. As per our political culture, the leaders of different political parties can be seen changing their loyalties for vested interests. It can be safely predicted that after the elections, no political party will be in a position to form the federal government even by simple majority, thus the party having highest number of MNAs will have to buy favour of independent winners and MNAs of like-minded parties to form a coalition government. After the formation of governments in federation and the provinces by hook or by crook, the prime minister, chief executives of the provinces, their ministers, advisors, MNAs and MPAs will get absorbed in the lust of power and money and forget about public welfare and the commitments they made during their election campaign. To be precise even the impact of elections 2018 will not be different from the previous elections. Previous governments too, miserably failed to address public issues. In the wake of upcoming elections, our top most priority should be to launch ruthless accountability drive against all corrupt elements from top to bottom.

Hasan Afzaal,

Need for family counselling

A few days back while watching television, I caught a very alarming news about the burgeoning high divorce rate in Pakistan. Albeit, being a very personal arena of one’s life, the frequency of the act is quiet appalling. The rapid transformation of social patterns has made it difficult for most individual to cope-up with the state of relationships. There can be many reasons people filing for divorce such as lack of understanding with spouse, intolerance, domestic abuse, forced marriages, careers and interference of family and so on. Looking at the severity and rampancy of such decisions, it is disappointing to know that there is a death of certified counselors available for the couples. A very common practice abroad, couple or family counselling serve as a means of resolving most issues between the parties; and many a times, it works. In a Pakistani society where divorce is considered a disgrace to the family and contributes to more social problems; existence of such counselling bodies are a must.

Neha Jehangir,

Pakistan’s poor performance in national sport

The country and its sportsman are in dire need of diligent guidance on sports as the national team saw its third successive defeat from Netherland by 4-0 in the Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament last week. The hockey fan base of the nation were gravely upset. The hockey team appeared absolutely clueless, lacking strategic planning and coordination, especially in the second half where Pakistan had a few circle penetrations but barely threatened the Dutch goal. The decline of Pakistan hockey from the past days of glory is not a sudden calamity, it has been gradual and observable – the last time Pakistan won a major trophy was in the early 90s, and since then no spectacular accolades were grabbed. Where other nations ensure their sufficient schools have an Astroturf field, Pakistan has no such provision; and it is drastically cutting the supply of talented young players.

Wajeeh Abbas,