Why the ‘easiest’ dress code is anything but effortless

It’s not difficult to look good in a suit. If you’ve got the money and an experienced tailor who knows what they are doing, then you can’t really fail. But, things are not so easy with casual dresses. A suit is a uniform that complements itself, but there is no such copout with casual outfits – you have to mix and match different garments on your own, and there is no tailor to hide behind. The first rule of casual dressing today is that there are no rules. You can, quite literally, wear what you want and be considered ‘casual’, but therein lies the problem. There is no direction, no predefined set of rules. One answer for some men is to follow the crowd. But that’s not what you’re looking for. You want to make a better first impression on people you meet in everyday life. You want to look good in your clothes without looking too flashy. You want to look like a better-dressed version of you. And that version of you likes to keep it casual. So here are a few pointers for all the men out there who like to keep it cool with their wardrobe and style…

Know Your Comfort Zone

There’s no use investing in hoards of latest streetwear if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Wear what feels right to you, because if you feel self-conscious then this will show and it won’t matter how stylish your outfit is.

Pay Attention To Fit

As with tailoring, fit can make all the difference to casual attire. The difference is, you don’t always have to look tailored. How should your clothing fit? This really depends on the look you’re going for and your body type. According to the stylists, a slim-but-not-restricting fit should be the ideal to aim for, but there’s been a shift towards looser styles in recent seasons, with boxy shirts, and outerwear, and wide-legged trousers proving popular amongst designers and fashion-forward consumers. The point is, fit is one of the most important aspects when it comes to clothing and it should be considered above all else.

Simple Is Better

Shoot for subtle and simple, understated outfits and you’ll stand out in a good way instead. There are a few ground rules when it comes to men’s smart-casual dress code. Jeans are a lot more versatile than people give them credit for, and can easily be paired with blazers of various colours. Depending on what you’re matching them with, you can opt for any kind of trousers, from relaxed chinos to sleek dress pants as part of your smart-casual outfit. As a general rule, the more casual your top half, the smarter the bottom, and vice versa.

Follow Trends But Don’t Be Dominated By Them

Casual style is dominated by trends, from high street to high end. Whilst this is all well and good, the very nature of trends ensures they will fall out of favour soon enough. So, if you want to future-proof your wardrobe, it’s preferable not to dabble only in trends and instead spend big on pieces that will last. A good rule of thumb is to utilise just one trend item per outfit – a logo baseball cap, perhaps – and keep the rest classic.

So, the men’s smart casual dress style isn’t too tricky after all, and with so many combinations, there’s no excuse for you to not try out different looks from time to time. Each combination has so many options available that you’ll find a look to suit you, no problem. With smart-casual at the top of everyone’s list, you’ll be able to easily fit it into everyday life.

Details Are Key

Take a denim jean and t-shirt combination; it’s arguably the archetypal casual ensemble, yet it still can be worn in numerous ways. Tuck, half-tuck or untuck the t-shirt. Roll the sleeves or leave them be. Pin roll the jeans or have them tailored, slim or relaxed cut jeans. These are all subtle tweaks and variations, yet they make a fairly substantial difference. You might also consider wearing polo shirts or casual shirts. And a simple white shirt looks great with a pair of dark blue jeans.

Find A Uniform

Find a way of dressing that’s easy and effortless, not dissimilar from wearing a suit in the sense you can get up, throw it on and head out the door. You’ll find yourself saving time during your morning routine that you can spend on coffee, or sitting on the edge of your bed pondering over the big questions. A casual uniform can be found in style – a rotation of navy trousers, white Oxford shirts and white sneakers perhaps, or colour; a preference for black could mean that black jeans and a leather jacket becomes a uniform for you. One can always look dapper in a decent kurta shalwar too giving your look a desi touch.