How Cute!


Bows are playful yet have distinctly feminine details that work well with a variety of outfits. Experiment with multiple bow pieces for an easy way to update your entire wardrobe. Pair your bows with structured pieces to keep things looking mature, or accentuate the playfulness of the bow style by sporting it with feminine pieces.


Add interest to the bottom portion of your ensemble by adding a bow to your skirt, jeans, or shoes. Be careful about where you place a bow on your legs, however, since it will draw attention to whatever area you place it over.

1. Pin a small bow to the top of your skirt or jeans, slightly askew from the center-front but not quite to the center-side. Stick with a smaller bow to avoid adding too much bulk to your hips. This option works best if you have a tucked-in shirt, making the bow on your skirt visible.

2. Look for skirts that have a bow placed on the side. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a bow into your look, and the added dimension helps break up your torso. Avoid this look if you have wide hips, however, since a large bow at your hips may add unwanted volume.

3. Thread a long sash or ribbon through the belt loops on your pants. Tie the ribbon into a large bow at the front or side, depending on what position suits your taste best. This is a cute, simple alternative to a standard belt.

4. Buy a pair of heels that have ribbons or laces that tie into a bow above your ankle. The maturity of the heel nicely offsets the girlishness of the bow, preventing your look from becoming too childish.

5. Look for a pair of flats or heels that have a small, decorative bow detail on the front of the shoe. This is another way to introduce bows into your ensemble without overwhelming your look.

6. Spruce up an old pair of flats by gluing or pinning a small bow to the front. Make sure you choose a simple pair of shoes that are still in fair condition.


If you are not ready to commit to large bows on your tops or bottoms, slowly incorporate bow accents into your outfit with bow-shaped accessories – jewellery, scarves, and hair accessories are all readily available and easy to wear.

1. Look for sparkly bow-shaped studs to add a bit of glam to your outfit. The bow design gives the earrings a

sense of playfulness, but the sparkle makes it dressy and appropriate

for evening.

2. Consider pairing glossy cloth bows with pearls to create an old-fashioned, classic look. Tie a glossy bow onto a pearl necklace or bracelet.

3. Pin an antique brooch with a bow design to your sweater or blouse. The brooch is generally considered a more mature piece of jewellery, common to adult women but not to children. Opting for a bow brooch keeps you looking both, feminine and mature.

4. Tie a fashion scarf around your neck in the shape of a bow. A glossy silk scarf looks sophisticated and mature, while a cotton-blend scarf looks cute and girlish.

5. Wear a hair bow. Choose one made from glossy material and position it to the side or back of your head, keeping your hair down. Consider a headband with a bow attached. The headband gives your hairstyle a structured look, while the bow keeps things playful.

6. Tie your hair into pigtails or ponytails using ribbon, and tie the ribbon into a bow. Be careful about this style, though, since it will look undeniably young and kid-like.

7. Wear a hat with an attached bow. Choose a structured piece that naturally has a band wrapped around it, like a bucket hat or a fedora.

8. Look for a large leather shoulder purse with a bow attached to the side or front.A stylish bag will accentuate the playfulness of the bow while giving it a chic twist. Or carry a clutch with a small glossy bow tied to the front. A black or white clutch works well with dressier outfits, and the addition of a small bow often looks timeless. Alternatively, choose a small purse with a dainty shoulder strap for the same effect.


Add a bow to the top half of your silhouette to make it the focal point of your ensemble. Bows are a fun way to add dimension to a blouse or sweater.

1. Look for blouses that naturally have a bow somewhere on them. This is the easiest option that you can go with without having go through any additional hassle of creating a bow that matches your top in colour and size, and attaching it.

2. Consider a blouse with a bow print. Instead of an actual bow, a bow print blouse has a printed bow pattern on it. This introduces the bow into your wardrobe in a one-dimensional way.

3. Attach a bow at the center of your collar. Use a large bow with ties that hang down over the front of your top. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to prevent the look from becoming too busy or childish.

4. Wear a bow to the side of your collar. Stick with a simple blouse or sweater, so that the bow itself becomes an asymmetrical, chic focal point of your ensemble. Keep the bow on the smaller side, opting for ties that do not extend below your bust. This keeps the look sleek and mature.

5. Attach a bow at the back. Pin or sew a bow to the center back, bunching up excess fabric beneath it. This is an effective way to draw in a loose fitting sweater and create more shape, while adding dimension to your outfit.

6. Wrap a sash or thin strip of leather around your natural waist, a few inches beneath your bust. Tie the sash into a bow on the front, side, or back. This creates a mock empire waist, which emphasises your mature, womanly curves in a cute way.