Daastan-E-Ishq – The Tragic Romance of Heer Ranjha brought to life at the Arts Council of Pakistan

Time Out

Daastan-E-Ishq – the tragic tale of love between Heer and Ranjha – was portrayed on stage recently at the Art Council of Pakistan in Karachi. The theatrical play, based on the folk love story was anticipated among audiences who flocked to attend its premier.

Celebrities and socialites graced the red carpet with their presence awaiting the beginning of the theatrical saga. According to the many attendees, the charm of the play was its brilliant music and strong narration.

Originally written by Punjabi poet Waris Shah, the popular folklore Heer Ranjha was adapted and written by Zarqa Naz – in collaboration with Green Eye Production – who based it on Kaifi Azmi’s script. She renamed the story for the play as Daastan-E-Ishq. The theatre play possessed the essence of local traditions and live music representing the culture of the time when Heer and Ranjha fell in love. It portrays how their love blossoms in the midst of adversity and how they overcome everything for the sake of their undying love for each other.