Shor Sharaba

  • 14 Jul - 20 Jul, 2018
  • Omair Alavi
  • Reviews

And if you thought that Jackpot was bad, think again! It can’t get worse than this D grade Pakistani movie which should have not even graced cinema. What else can you expect when you have Rabi Peerzada as the leading lady, Nisho, Bahar Begum and Mustafa Qureshi in character roles and a bunch of unknown actors trying to look important, besides Meera playing Billo. It is films like these that make me wonder whether we need a Censor Board or a Quality Control Board that can reject below-par films to keep the sanctity of cinema afloat.

There is nothing at all to write about this piece of trash. The writer incorporated elements of Bollywood classic Hulchul and others to come up with a story that had no head or tail. It was sad to see people like Mustafa Qureshi wasted in useless roles, especially at a time when his son is doing well in the industry. Be it the semi-nude item number featuring Laila or the insufferable wedding-night sequence featuring ‘She-Hulk’ Meera, every scene made you lament the fact that you actually had to visit the cinema for something this trashy. It is by far the worst film ever made in Pakistan and one hopes that the makers don’t recover any money so that they stay away from the entertainment business for good.•