• 14 Jul - 20 Jul, 2018
  • Omair Alavi
  • Reviews

Jawed Sheikh’s directorial return to cinema through Wajood was the mixture of good and bad aspects of films – good because like always, his films had a cinematic feel due to great cinematography and bad because some of the sequences reminded one of the 1990s when filmmakers used to go abroad and produce junk. Had the veteran actor avoided a few things that did come out in the final product, Wajood would have been a winner in the Eid ul Fitr race instead of 7 Din Mohabbat In.

The flick revolves around the life of a commercial pilot Faizan (Danish Taimoor) who earns 35000 dollars and on his return to Pakistan has fallen in love with Aarzoo (Saeeda Imtiaz). The first half revolves around Faizan stalking Aarzoo and by the time the film takes a break (goes for an interval), they are a happily married couple. The second half also revolves around a stalking but this time, it’s Faizan who is being stalked by his boss Jessica (Aditi Singh) since the two had a history together. Will Faizan fall for his rich boss or return to his wife? Add a murder in the second half, a competitive detective and a courtroom drama and you have a story that will keep you hooked.

However, the 1990s element caught up with the plot and that’s one of the reasons why Wajood couldn’t match Jawed Sheikh’s earlier films as a director. He is by far the best thing in the movie when it comes to acting since he plays Steve Rock, the detective who solves the case in no time (literally!). Danish Taimoor looked mature for a change and Saeeda Imtiaz looked beautiful but they still have a long road ahead if they want to stay afloat in films. Aditi Singh was a huge disappointment especially after the sexy number for front benchers where she danced like Nargis and Co. Veteran actor Shahid should have stayed retired since he doesn’t come out from the theatrical acting of the 70s; Nadeem Baig looked like an actor from another planet in comparison and can be termed as the ‘other’ highlight of the film. The film gets full marks for location because Turkey, Greece and Pakistan look wonderful. Overall, with a little bit of tweaking here and there, Wajood could have been a contender!