Copy Cat

Who does not know Priyanka Chopra? The dusky damsel and a profound actor has been very vocal about women related issues. Lately, the diva has been raising concerns about the beauty standards that are pulling women down, making them feel bad about their originality. And in the process of inspiring other women, Priyanka has become a source of inspiration for our very own Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, who is out to spread the same message in her own words, but of course, without revealing the source.

Following are some of the (near-to-identical) statements of the model that came into limelight after Priyanka spoke about the issue.

Priyanka: Why do we feel the need constantly, as women especially, to smooth out our faces so much where we have no wrinkles, no blemishes?

Saheefa: Freckles, Blemishes, Fine lines, Open pores, Dark circles, Acne, Scars, Fatness. Why a woman [has to] worry so much for all these things?”

Priyanka: Next time you see doubting yourself or you look at a picture of yourself and say, “Oh my God” or you wake up in the morning and you say, “Why do I look like that.” Next time you do it, recognise that moment. Start with just recognising what you are doing.”

Saheefa: Where did that self-doubt come from? Why don't I like seeing my face in the mirror without a concealer? No matter how nicely dressed I am, no matter how well-spoken and educated or successful I am there's always a doubt! A self-doubt.”

Priyanka: Can we, for a second, love ourselves?

Saheefa: Get rid of unreal beauty standards and love your own self.

A word of advice for Saheefa: If struggling with identity crisis, go dig out some new issues to talk about. Being a copy cat won’t help!