Look Book

1. Denim shirt with chinos

Replace your regular white shirt with a denim one for an edgier look. Team it up with your favourite chinos and a pair of white sneakers. Chinos in light shades of brown work especially well with denim shirts. Something clean and light toned like a white or cream pair of chinos will match well with a classic denim shirt, and you can create a minimalist look and yet make a statement by keeping your shirt tucked in.

2. Denim over denim

You can never have too much of denim in your wardrobe. Go in for that rugged look by wearing a light coloured denim shirt over dark blue jeans and take your style game several notches higher. To pull off double denim, it is important not to work with too many tones and try to keep some consistency in the outfit. If you are layering a denim jacket over your denim shirt, make sure that it is a darker colour and is a similar tone to your jeans to keep the outfit unified.

3. Denim shirt with suit

Take your classy suit, add a denim shirt to the equation and make your outfit dapper, classy and extremely edgy. The denim shirt can be worn in formal wear to create an unconventional aesthetic, balancing edgy demure with preppy frivolity. Denim shirts work with lighter cottons and also heavy tweeds; making the garment seemingly designed for texture contrast. Styling with a tweed or silk tie furthers the range of texture contrast. It induces a far more unstructured silhouette than the rigid tailoring of a suit and dress shirt.

4. Denim shirt over T-shirt

Sometimes it’s best to just keep it classy and subtle. There's no way you can go wrong with this look. Add a small amount of layering underneath your denim shirt, but other than that leave it to stand out on its own. Team it with some classic black chinos or jeans, throw on some black shoes

for a grounded look and you have got yourself a simple, minimalist look.