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Wooden seating arrangements, mercury bulbs hanging from the wooden structure just below the ceiling and stoned walls thanks to 3D wallpaper installations will make you feel like you have entered a rustic restaurant in the country side. Inside, the air-conditioned sitting area provides a perfect calm ambience for an evening meal. I started off with the specially recommended Chelow Kebab, Chicken Kastori Boti and Chicken Reshmi Handi. The kebab was nicely seasoned and was served with boiled rice topped with a spoonful of ghee. To be honest, I found that off-putting but many may not mind it. The boti was super soft and had a slightly crunchy egg coating that was a delicious surprise. Both the grilled items tasted good with the in-house tamarind sauce. The best part of the meal was definitely diving into the handi; the piping hot creamy boneless dish also had julienned onion and capsicum which gave it an oriental twist. A must-try!

From the tawa special selection, I went for my personal favourite – Katakat. The serving size wasn’t too bad not was the taste; it was rather hot and tasty. I found it to be a tad bit oily but then again it’s a common problem with desi foods everywhere. The Katakat was also finely minced, though I like mine to be a bit chunkier. None of the dishes overly impressed me, except may be the handi, but the food is tasty here nonetheless and the place deserves a visit if you are on a budget.•


Even though the restaurant boasts of a few Chinese delicacies on its menu, I believe its specialties are the Pakistani food. Stick to that and you won’t be disappointed.


The eatery is located amidst the hustle bustle of a food street and as such, it gets crowded especially on the weekends. So you might want to plan ahead, other than that, it has a nice family environment.


The waiting staff there is on their toes, vigilant, quick and courteous, especially during the rush hours. It is a testament to how well-trained they are.


As far as desi grilled dishes and handis go, the team does a good job at presenting the food. The aroma from the live BBQ section is enough to lure one in.


The affordability factor and healthy serving size makes Kebabistan a good choice to dine out with your friends and family on the weekend.

Location: Opp. Disco Bakery, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 1,200 approx.