Chan Ve is Better Sound - The 2nd Teefa Hit!

Better sound, this one, surely! The second number that’s getting a high degree of attention from the people, in Teefa in Trouble, is Chan Ve. It is sung by Ali Zafar and Aima Baig. But, Aima’s voice is unrecognisable in Main Item Number Naheen Karoongi, which seems a weak and almost cheap voice. But, she is back at her best in Chan Ve!

Aima has sung a couple of good songs for Coke Studio during the last few years, including Bazi, composed by Bagga. Now, she may win over the film audiences too. We have it from the netscape that Momina Mustehsan and Aima Baig are having a whale of a time in America. Yes, they are both on a holiday. Their photographs on the social media are really amusing.

Teefa’s two ditties are doing the rounds, and the likes are increasing million miles an hour. I don’t know if the whole geetmala is nice or not, but mostly it’s seen that the best film has all the ingredients in good shape. Music is a vital aspect of the films, but, in Pakistan, I have yet to listen to a great geetmala in an entire movie, in this new cinema. May be, Teefa in Trouble will change this trend in 2018!