Instagram rolls out another feature


Since Instagram’s algorithmic, out-of-order timeline is a mystery to all humankind, the company has rolled out yet another new feature that will let you know when you’ve scrolled through all new posts from the last 48 hours. When you come across it, you’ll see a big green checkmark and a message saying “you’re all caught up.”

Beyond the line break will be posts that have been up for longer than two days mixed with more recent ones you’ve already seen and scrolled past. Older posts might still technically be new to you depending on your Instagram habits, but 48 hours seems like a reasonable marker

Add new LinkedIn Connections using QR Code

LinkedIn has finally made it slightly easier to add new people while you’re out and about on its platform using a QR code. To access it you just launch the LinkedIn app on your phone and tap the QR code upon in the search box from the Home tab within the app. From there, you can scan someone’s QR code or share your own (you access that by tapping “My code”) to instantly send a connection request to that person.

The idea is that you don’t have to spend time asking that person who to spell his or her name, or carefully determine which “Bob Smith” is the one you’re talking to from the list of thousands.