1. Edge & Lita (2005)

Lita has been involved in two on-screen weddings. Her first one was with Kane, after her then-boyfriend Matt Hardy lost to Kane with the stipulation that the winner would marry her. However, Lita and Kane grew close with time until Edge entered the picture. She turned on her husband and decided to marry Edge. Inevitably, Kane interrupted the wedding and ‘tombstoned’ the poor priest in the ring, as the to-be-wedded couple ran for their lives.

2. AJ Lee & Daniel Bryan (2012)

This one turned out much like an old Bollywood film. Lee said ‘yes’ at the wedding only to reveal that she, in fact, agreed not to marry Bryan, but to Vince McMahon’s offer to become the new general manager of Raw. It sent Bryan into frenzy as he yelled “no!” repeatedly. Clearly not a great night for the bridegroom.

3. Stephanie McMahon & Test (1999)

Stephanie’s father Vince had warned if Triple H or any member of his faction Degeneration X interfered, they would be fired. As if such warnings have ever mattered, he obviously interrupted the ceremony only to show a video of him sedating Stephanie and marrying her without her knowledge. That’s sure to ruin a wedding ceremony. In real life, the couple has been married since 2003 and has three children.

4. Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth (1991)

While they had been married in real life since 1984, their on-screen wedding in 1991 was the main event segment of the second biggest show of the year, Summer Slam. The ceremony pretty much went quite smoothly until the end. What the couple didn’t know was there was snake in one of the gift boxes courtesy of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. When Elizabeth screamed in horror, the Undertaker attacked Savage with his urn and knocked him out, while Roberts continued to terrorise the bride with the snake.