Letters To The Editor

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Gautama Buddha

Destructive rain

The after effects of heavy rainfall in Lahore were horrifying but not unexpected. The city was doused in darkness, as the electricity outage for continued for hours without any signs of return. Broken roads, flooded with water threatened to drown vehicles and people alike. Citizens slushing through chest-deep of rainwater made a shocking sight. Everyone was on their own. As the situation worsened, no aid or any kind of assistance came from the government. The problems, struggles and complains of commoners fell deaf on the ears of our caretakers. Despite knowing how the monsoon season befalls on certain regions of Pakistan, no safety measures, improvements on infrastructure and concerns were made. The destructive rain continues to pound on the city, as the authorities slumber peacefully.

Maleeha Imtiaz,

Battling deforestation with water conservation

A commendable initiative “green-gold” has begun to plant hundreds of millions of trees to combat the deadly heat wave and fight deforestation in the land. With this, scores of eucalyptus plants were planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwan’s Hero Shah union council, and the act was lauded by many. In taking a giant initiative like this, some knowledge of basic botany would have done the authorities well. Many don’t know that eucalyptus, albeit being fast-growing, are water-intensive trees; they need a lot of water to thrive. In the long run, this will most definitely lead to serious issues because water conservation is a huge problem in the country, currently. With a dearth of a proper irrigation system and grave scarcity of water, this fast-growing water consuming tree is in direct contradiction of our water conservation drive. We can’t fight one problem, only to give birth to another.

Asma Yousuf,

Protocol system in Pakistan

The VIP protocol system in Pakistan is something that makes me sick to the core. As the elections are nearing, all the political parties are trying their utmost best to create a soft corner among citizens and gain popular vote. But what they don’t know is when they’re visiting camps and participating in various elections related activities, their outrageous protocol, which they are not willing to compromise on, creates issues for people at large. The rigid security, blocked roads and maddening bumper-to-bumper traffic jam is becoming an everyday struggle for commoners. I question the authorities if this is how they plan on solving our problems? They first need to taste life like an ordinary person, in order to take into account the problems we face.

Fahad Nawaz,

Spike in oil rates

Pakistan is a country whose key imports consists of oil and its prices are set to see a spike once again. The reason behind this hike in prices is due to rise in global crude oil prices. Petrol price is likely to go up from existing Rs 87.70 to Rs 96.07 per liter. Increase in oil price will significantly cause major economic problems but the government has the potential to absorb the effect of growth in oil prices by adjusting rates of taxes on petroleum products. However, consumers have to pay two kind of taxes– petroleum levied and general sales tax, which is downright unfair to the masses.

Faraz Ateeq,