Has it not been a lovely year for saris’? Donned by A-listers for many occasions, be it parties, grand weddings and even film promotions and premieres, saris have been experimented with, thoroughly. The versatility of the Indian garb has been manifested by many designers, each fusing their touch, style and element to it. The long fabric, atypically eight meters in length, when draped on a woman’s frame allows one to echo grace and femininity in generous servings. It holds an instant metamorphosing power of turning a woman into a lady. We look at the haute trends that are in vogue for saris.

Traditional and contemporary

Saris swing from traditional to fusion and tres chic, opening myriad of choices for styling. A modern spin on the traditional sari serves like a breath of fresh air. The meddling of heavy work, muted colour and an off-shoulder blouse are the most popular styles.

Plush Pallu

Pallu remains the centre of attention in a sari and it is usually where the designer goes really crafty. Pallus’ fashioned with thick, defining borders and sweeping train flaunting thread tassels, embellishments and plush lace work are all the rage.

Plain meets print

A glance at the latest trends that have arrested the likes of sari lovers, we are fascinated by the abundance of acrylic prints and minimal lineworks accentuating plain, light-hued, flowing georgette fabrics. Receding hues of like dull yellow and beige are paired with darker colours, taking more style support with abstract print.

Halter necks and shalwar saris

Another emerging trend is the shalwar sari, with a crunched fabric and silhouette mirroring the pleats of shalwar. The blouses, too, have undergone experimental cuts, details and a more tailored neckline; halter neck blouses are officially taking over.

Jewelled Addition

Accessories play a dutiful bit in elevating the core look of the saris. Think of big, chunky earrings for bespoke traditional saris and, minimal accessories and stones for a simpler pick. •Saris, for the longest time have been associated with statement and blingey jewels; but make sure to not go overboard. Jewelled brooches are also a beautiful way to adorn your favorite saris with.