Saba Qamar @s_qamarzaman

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Malala @Malala

I turned 21 today in #Brazil. So happy to spend my birthday in this beautiful country with amazing girls. Want to meet some of my new friends?

Osman Khalid Butt @aClockworkObi

Also, please watch Hannah Gadsby's searing, poignant Netflix special 'Nanette.' It blew my mind. Go in for the laughs, and wait for the epic curveball.

Ali Azmat @RealAliAzmat

My advice to voters. Vote for the candidate with the best credentials, regardless of political party. My vote is in #NA-247 and I will vote for @FauziaKasuri.

Uzair Jaswal @uzairjaswal

Please start using water wisely at home and your place of work. Also, we need to start conserving water! #climatechangeisreal

Hasnain Lehri @hasnainlehri

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistic-ation.