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After coming across a few good reviews online, I went to Slamvich with high expectations. I have to say I’m not entirely disappointed, but I did face a few roadblocks. I was taken by surprise to find out that there wasn’t a seating area available, just as yet. Understandably, as the joint is just a few months old, but I don’t remember reading a mention of it being a takeaway-only place on their official Facebook page. Even though I live just about two minutes away, the bill mentioned a delivery charge of PKR 100. The sandwiches came piping hot, which is obviously great, but even so the cheese in a couple of them had already become hard. Which begs the question, whether you are delivering or I’m picking up the sandwiches, this is bound to happen; unless you serve them at the eatery and one eats them immediately. Think about those who live farther, how are they to enjoy the sandwiches the way they are meant to be enjoyed. The pictures on their Facebook page are also quite deceptive; the sandwiches are way thinner in reality with no cheese and sauce oozing of them. I had an issue with the amount of caramelised onion and oven-dried tomato (which were really tasty) in the sandwiches.

Slamvich has six sandwiches on their menu of which I tried five; Smac ‘n’ Sheese, Cheesy Melt, Meat ‘n’ Melt, The DaVinci and Tender Slam. The meaty goodness was enclosed between two large semi-sweet bread slices that were perfectly toasted to a brown colour and crunch. Cheesy Melt offered a blend of Mozzarella and cheddar; this is the one that was entirely based on cheese and could not hold its softness but it didn’t taste bad, still. The ground beef in Meat ‘n’ Melt stood out and tasted really good. The top slice of DaVinci was full of cheese, mushrooms and jalapenos and inside had hot saucy chicken. Tender Slam had juicy beef steak inside with a distinct white sauce and spinach. This is a light flavoured sandwich that stands out for its creaminess. My absolute favourite was Smac ‘n’ Cheese; the al dente macaronis and tender chicken were tossed in finger-licking BBQ Sauce and deserves a try!• 

Location: Shop No. 1, 23-C, Lane 5, Bukhari Commercial. Phase 6, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 1,000 approx.

Perhaps the most important component of a sandwich, the bread, is perfectly toasted which adds a tasty crunch to it. All the sandwiches have distinct and enjoyable flavours.

There’s not much to say about it, as yet. Except even the bench on which you are to wait while your order arrives is a bit uncomfortable. The eatery can expect a lot more visitors if only a seating solution can be provided. 

The staff is quite helpful and courteous. It’s a shame people can’t enjoy more of their service as of now.

Slamvich is at a loss in this area as they are not serving on the spot. As far as their packing the sandwiches goes, that’s spot on!

The sandwiches come with no sides, for now at least. You have to add in fries, wings, or drinks separately. Considering that, just a sandwich for PKR 350-450 might seem unreasonable.