Janhvi eager to receive as much love as Sridevi

Gearing up for her debut in Dhadak, Janhvi Kapoor says she does not feel the weight of expectations as Sridevi's daughter and hopes to earn the same amount of love from the audience like the veteran actor received.

The actor says she is aware of the late actor's legacy and wishes to honour it.

"I'm aware of it (the legacy) but I don't think there's a fear. I feel like mom has earned and got so much love, gratitude and adulation from people. There's a lot of gratitude I feel towards that, which even she felt. I want to make them happy. I want to earn the same kind of love,” the upcoming starlet said.

"I know I've to work for it, I want to. I feel there's a responsibility towards them (audience). I want to make them happy. They've given my mom so much, my mom has given them so much, I want to earn it. I will, hopefully," Janhvi shared her feelings in an interview.

Arjun pokes fun at Katrina

Not many people know this, but Katrina Kaif considers Arjun Kapoor her rakhi-brother, which gives him license to pull her leg time and again. The latest instance of sibling-ribbing is Arjun’s comment on one of Katrina’s pictures, in which he says that she looks like she’s got dandruff in her hair.

While their close relationship exempts Arjun from a public thrashing for his remark, it does have its drawbacks too. Katrina has decided she will not ever allow herself to be romantically paired opposite Arjun on screen, no matter how great the part.

“The day Katrina adopted Arjun as her rakhi-brother, it was decided that they’d never be paired together, unless it was as siblings, which is unlikely. Katrina has made it very clear she won’t romance her bhai on screen.” There goes another jodi that we’d love to see together.